Information for Tenants

Red Dot Real Estate welcomes you to your new home. 

At all times remember we are here to assist you throughout your tenancy.

Office Hours

The office is open from Monday to Friday between 9.00am and 5.00pm and Saturday by appointment.

Please call 1300 660 280 after hours and your call will be directed to a mobile answering point.

Moving In Information


At the commencement of your tenancy, gas and electricity connections and, water usage charges (if the property is separately metered) are your responsibility.  At the end of your tenancy you will be required to cancel each service and finalise your account.  

Connect Now, a free utilitiy connection service will assist you at both ends of your tenancy. Additional services such as internet, telephone, pay TV and newspaper can be arranged through Connect Now. Please refer to our Useful Links

Rights and Duties

Please refer to the booklet "Renting a home, a guide for tenants and landlords" which is given to you at the time of signing your Tenancy Agreement.

Condition Report

This is an important document that establishes the condition of your property at the time you commence your tenancy.  You are required to check it carefully and make notations of any variance in the condition as noted by yourself and to return the signed top copy to our office within three days of your tenancy commencing.

This document is referred to at the end of your tenancy to determine the basis on which your Bond is refunded.


The tenancy agreement and condition report are legal documents so please ensure that you keep them in a safe place.

Rent Payments

Red Dot Real Estate has a zero tolerance to late payment of rent.
Your rent is due on a specific date each month and payment is to be made via direct debit from a savings or cheque account into our trust account with allowance given for bank clearance procedures. 

If for any reason you are experiencing difficulty making your rent payment on the due date, please contact our office to discuss this as we may be able to assist with alternative arrangements.

Regular and prompt payment of rent throughout your tenancy creates a good rental history which may be useful in future tenancy applications.


Please be aware that the Landlord's insurance does not cover your personal contents. We strongly recommend you take out your own insurance cover.  Please refer to our Useful Links.

During Your Tenancy


Routine inspections of your property are carried out on a regular basis in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 for the purposes of good property management and maintenance.  You will be contacted in advance.

Routine Maintenance and Urgent Maintenance

For further information refer to Red Dot  Real Estate web site Tenants menu -  Maintenance Request Form and Home MaintenanceTips or your printed information kit.

Lawn and Garden Maintenance

Unless stated as a special condition in your Tenancy Agreement, all lawns and gardens are the tenant's responsibility.  Should you wish to engage a helping hand we can provide you with the contact details of our preferred contractors.

 Rubbish Bins

Most councils provide bins for recycling and landfill waste and may provide bins for garden waste and it is your responsibility to ensure that the bins are appropriately placed for collection and returned to the property when emptied.  Refer to the relevant council website for your area's collection day.


Where possible this office will endeavour to hold a spare set of keys in the event you are accidently locked out.   If locked out, costs incurred for a locksmith or for the office to attend are your responsibility.  Spare keys from the office will not be provided to any person who is not on the Tenancy Agreement and that person must have photo identification available.

If for any reason you change your locks it is a provision of the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 that you supply this office with a key the next business day.

Change of Tenant

The landlord has approved the tenancy in your name/s. If a new tenant/s wants to occupy the property, their application must be similarly approved. Any change in occupant can affect the bond refund when you vacate. Ensure that these procedures are strictly adhered to.  Costs can be incurred when assigning a Lease to a new Tenant.


Clear lines of communication can overcome most problems experienced during a tenancy. It is a tenant's responsibility to maintain the property in a clean and orderly condition and to report promptly any maintenance item they become aware of.  Should you have any problem in meeting your financial obligations of the tenancy, early contact with our office is advised.

Ending Your Tenancy

Breaking of Lease

Ending the tenancy before your Agreement term expires is a "break of Lease". Under the Residential Tenancies Act you remain responsible for rent until a new tenant is found and all fees that are incurred by the landlord in relation to the re-letting. The fees are noted in your Tenancy Agreement. 

Please contact our office for further details.

End of Lease

When ending either a fixed term tenancy or a month by month tenancy, the tenant is required under the Residential  Tenancies Act 1997  to give 28 days notice in writing.

Bond Monies

A final inspection will be completed after all keys, garage controls and security swipes are returned.  Bond return is facilitated by ensuring your property is left in a condition as per the ingoing Condition Report.

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