Why Choose Red Dot

Have your investment property managed by a Licensed Real Estate Agent.

Because Red Dot Real Estate specialise in property management, we are able to focus on securing and retaining quality tenants, optimizing rent and maintaining your property investments in first class order.

At Red Dot we believe the key factors to successful property management are:

  • careful tenant selection
  • expert lease negotiation
  • pro-active and timely communication
  • effective marketing
  • full rent arrears management
  • cash flow management
  • regular inspections and maintenance reporting
  • clear financial reporting

Red Dot Real Estate has the expertise and experience to make sure that your rental property is in the best of hands. Relax and enjoy the extra income from your investment property, knowing that Red Dot Property Management specialists are protecting your investment and cultivating your future wealth potential.

Red Dot's Property Managers are experts in marketing properties in your area

We know the local area so we know where to focus our marketing strategies to promote, and ultimately secure the best rental arrangement for your rental property. Our Real Estate Agents are local to Melbourne's north-west region and understand the demographic and financial landscape of suburbs around the North West area including Brunswick, North Melbourne, Flemington, Ascot Vale, Moonee Ponds, Essendon, Niddrie, Airport West and Tullamarine.

Red Dot's Property Managers are experts at lease negotiation

With many years of experience in property management, we create effective lease agreements that protect both tenants and landlords.

You can rest easy knowing that our property management specialists are taking care of your investment properties. In the event of tenants breaking a lease, we will make sure that your tenants comply with their legal obligations and can also act on your behalf to protect you from liabilities other than your obligations as stated within the lease agreement.

Red Dot's Property Managers provide you with pro-active and timely communication

As part of our relationship with investors and tenants, our property management services include timely and accurate communication of information about the state of your rental property, any outstanding tenant enquires as well as regularly updating you on the progress of your property investment financial plan.

Red Dot's Property Managers keep your rental property in good shape

We conduct regular inspections of properties, making sure that local council ordinances are followed, that tenants are keeping up to date with regular household maintenance, that the house is kept clean and organising with tenants for regular thorough inspections. If there's anything that needs to be done to protect the property, we'll take care of it for you.

Red Dot's Property Management Specialists let you breathe easier

With Red Dot Real Estate you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your hard earned investment knowing that our many years of experience in property management is being applied to protecting and growing your assets and increasing your revenue streams.

Red Dot Real Estate aims to give you more time to spend on the more important things in your life, while we expertly manage your property investment.

Experience Red Dot  -  we don't let and forget.